Thursday, July 19, 2007

Softball "Penang Women team Champ" 2007

I can't believe it...Penang women team won the whole matachs!!! Champion this year July 2007 ! Well coming nxt ..6 girl players from Penang will represent Msia ... asia game @ Indonesia thy will going to Indonesia nxt month...

this is Penang girl players ... team spirit
"Save" the red shirt player had touch the homeplate

"Strike" haih why the No. 11 player did not focus the ball if Pictcher pictching three times the player can"t hit the ball>> the player is "OUT

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BH Leow said...

Hi there,

My wife and I were Penang state players many years ago and still very interested in the game. It is difficult to find a softball tournament to watch nowadays. Where are the tournaments held? Where are teams practising? We would love to be among players again, brings back many good memories. If you have the information, call me at 0124010883 or email us at

Thank you.