Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tokoyoki~ nice ^_<

Now you see it you don't.. heheehee

Tokoyoki~ 5 biji satu kotak hanya jual RM3.50... murah dan sedap dimakan (^^)

Monday, March 26, 2007


i'm hungry ar!.. need to find something to eat... at last, i found 1 corn Roll chocolate coating with peanut .. yammies :P (Thanks to my friend's ...she gave it to me last Fri (^<>^)

[Snap @ 826pm 260307]

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Drink Herbal Tea

my body lik burning.. i found a can of Herbal Tea "Tan Ngan Lo" it tasted nice.. i lovin it
[Snap pic @ 252am 250307 Sunday]

Friday, March 23, 2007

5 minute Rest *stop clicking

Everyday sit at my place then switch on computer ..800am my fingers start worked (clicking & typing)... around 5pm time for me take a break 5 min (stop clicking @ my black mouse) ... (~_~) !!!
Well, Friday I can go home rest for a while then meet my friend's at 9pm.. went to friend's house download songs.. save it at my pendrive...after that went home watch Mr bean the movie.. thn waiting my sister come back from KL... later on around 12am fetch her makan supper "duck rice" @ Ayer Itam market. The duck rice shop open 1200am - 530am... (^o^)
[snap pic @ 727pm 230307]

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lunch time * For Sunday

Usually Saturday & Sunday when my parent not cooking, i will told my mum "Ah mah" no need buy lunch for me, she said OK ar! after u cooked make sure the kitchen is clean! Spend 1 hour to cook.. .. simple & nice...
Did you see the picture... Litter Janny C so excited (^0^) LJC favourite food are fruit salad, spaghetti, ham & chess. Yummy! Well, have to stop here cos my meal getting cold... otherwise, LJC curi makan... ciao!~

Testing PC webcam @ RM29 cheap~

Today i tested 1 webcam the functions not bad (made in China, No brand, No S/N, not sure where thy get it so cheap stk)... I saw the webcam Normal price is RM 69 ...during PC fair (last day) the pc shop will selling around RM 29 or RM 25 warranty 3 months if got problem within 2 weeks user must return to the owner (exchange 1 to 1) ... no need to spend hundred ringgit buy good thing..jst spend RM2+ still can use... but im not sure the lead time for the"webcam" can last how many year...

FYI. ths coming April 6-8 PC fair 2007 @ PISA. penang.
for more information pls visit PICOM web:

Friday, March 16, 2007

Little Chin 1st blog @ 2007

Hi There! Ths is my 1st time sending new blog.. Sorry guz let u all waiting (^^) well i just upload a picture did u guz see the liter toy, tht toy is my precious collection.. if im not mistaken i bought it last year it cost me around $9.95 (after 50% discount) i'm quite lucky to get ths toy @ Action City... by the way, i named it ths toy "Litter JannyC" {LJC} ..

Nxt time, i will try my best to upload new photos (depand on my mood) heheh.. ok hope u guz enjoy reading :) Good nite!