Saturday, March 17, 2007

Testing PC webcam @ RM29 cheap~

Today i tested 1 webcam the functions not bad (made in China, No brand, No S/N, not sure where thy get it so cheap stk)... I saw the webcam Normal price is RM 69 ...during PC fair (last day) the pc shop will selling around RM 29 or RM 25 warranty 3 months if got problem within 2 weeks user must return to the owner (exchange 1 to 1) ... no need to spend hundred ringgit buy good thing..jst spend RM2+ still can use... but im not sure the lead time for the"webcam" can last how many year...

FYI. ths coming April 6-8 PC fair 2007 @ PISA. penang.
for more information pls visit PICOM web:

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