Friday, March 23, 2007

5 minute Rest *stop clicking

Everyday sit at my place then switch on computer ..800am my fingers start worked (clicking & typing)... around 5pm time for me take a break 5 min (stop clicking @ my black mouse) ... (~_~) !!!
Well, Friday I can go home rest for a while then meet my friend's at 9pm.. went to friend's house download songs.. save it at my pendrive...after that went home watch Mr bean the movie.. thn waiting my sister come back from KL... later on around 12am fetch her makan supper "duck rice" @ Ayer Itam market. The duck rice shop open 1200am - 530am... (^o^)
[snap pic @ 727pm 230307]


mk@tokyo said...

got duck rice shop at Ayer Itam market meh? how come I don't know one!! I stayed in Ayer Itam when I was a kid.

JannyC said...

The duck rice shop open at midnite but I'm not sure when it was open la last time
Well, whn u come back tht time around 12am u go there check ..(opposite famous laksa store)
thn try to taste the duck meat. Hmm Yammy~ (>~^) FYI. RM4.50 per person.

Unknown said...

Janny, take some photo when you go and eat next time.

JannyC said...

mm.. whn i free tht time i try to take picture @ there but no promise.

angel said...

mmm... i'm more interested in the "laksa store" .... it is penang laksa?