Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tokoyoki~ nice ^_<

Now you see it you don't.. heheehee

Tokoyoki~ 5 biji satu kotak hanya jual RM3.50... murah dan sedap dimakan (^^)


angel said...

wow... look nice ler.... i think i tried this before... but i don't really like the taste... look nice to eat but a bit dissappointed when put into mouth.... :)

JannyC said...

Hi Angel, I tasted quite nice well diff ppl diff taste. :)

mk@tokyo said...

isn't this "Takoyaki!"? It's call Takoyaki in Japan. maybe Msian change the name to Tokoyaki!?

JannyC said...

is "Takoyaki" cos i spell the name wrongly. Well, when u come back to PG, u may go to Asia Cafe opposite GOVT clinic Air Itam ...then u can try Takoyaki (5 biji for RM3.50/per box)

isn't tht cheap... :P