Monday, September 15, 2008

80's Japan animation - DAIMOS

I can't believed it I had found my favourite robot animation called "DAIMOS", I tried very hard to find the anime but I can't remember the name of the anime. So, I try to search from youtube ... at last I make it (^0^) right now i try to search the DVDs & models... for my collection.
U can check out the video as below, hope u guys like "DAIMOS" may be this anime will remind yourself when u were young (kid's) playing the toy with your brother & sister and friends.
Opening Theme Song

The Models

Opening Theme Song 2nd version (Animation)


Unknown said...

good ah, every thing also can find in youtube.

JannyC said...

Hi Brother BLim,ya lor.. i am so happy... hope i can find the model's, i think the price should be expensive!!!